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Are we keen on buying the best home appliances? Yes most of us are. Do we follow the instructed maintenance procedures? No. Most of us don’t. Following certain maintenance procedures will ensure the long life of the appliances. Most of us have this idea that following these instructions is an option. But the truth is that it is not an option it is mandatory. In this article, we will go through the tips to maintain home appliances.


The refrigerator is one of the home appliances that we constantly use. Hence there are good possibilities that we might accidentally do something which might affect it.  If maintained properly, a fridge has a life span of nearly ten years. The reason why most of the fridges do not exceed a max of seven years is because of poor maintenance. The first and the common mistake that we do is leave the doors opened. It not just consumes a lot of power but also affects the fridge. Make sure that the rubber sealing in the border is perfect because even a small opening will affect the temperature inside the fridge. If you find something wrong, make sure to get it repaired or replaced.

Microwave oven


We use the microwave at least twice a day. It is a simple thing to realize that we put food inside it and hence it must be cleaned. Most of know that we do not clean the oven every time we use it. Even though not cleaning the oven does not affect in any way, it mandatory to clean it for healthy living. But the one more instruction that we miserably fail to follow is the use of particular utensils. When it comes to the microwave oven, there are a few utensils that we can use in it, and there are ones that we cannot use. Hence make sure to use the proper utensils in the microwave

Air conditioner

When it comes to air conditioners, people should understand the working of it. The air conditioner sucks in the normal air, purifies it, and then cools it with the help of coolants like HFC. During the purification process, all the minute dust particles get filtered by a high-efficiency filter. Hence these filters need to be cleaned in regular intervals. It is not a difficult process which you can do it by yourself. Or else you can call the professionals to do it. No cleaning the filters for a long time will affect the performance of the air conditioner.


A stove is one of the home appliances which require a lot of maintenance. Simple things like spilling food on the burner can lead to big accidents. There are a few parts in the stove that need to be checked periodically. They are the burner, the tube connecting the gas and the stove and the attachment of the tube with the gas cylinder. Proper maintenance of stove is not just for the sake of the long life of the appliance; it also safeguards your life by avoiding accidents. Clean the burner regularly with a hard brush and check whether the tube is tightly connected to the stove and to the gas cylinder.

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